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Catalyst Europe accelerates and heightens the potential impact of biomedical research on health technology.

Catalyst Europe is a program that supports talented PhD students, postdocs, researchers in companies or academia, and clinicians to identify and evaluate unmet medical needs, build multi-professional teams to design solutions and plan research projects that show strong potential for healthcare impact, in collaboration with industry and hospitals. Catalyst Europe belongs to the EIT Health Campus pillar.

Opportunity To Enhance
Research Translation

The traditional research journey allows for little opportunity to consider unmet needs with a broad lens, finding the optimal solution irrespective of the particular expertise of the investigator. The need to publish risks wasting money funding for a work that may no longer be on a trajectory to greater impact.

Catalyst Europe applies a multidisciplinary approach to address unmet societal needs by designing research proposals that clearly articulate strong potential for impact.



May 5th - Nov 13th
Applications close: Feb 14th
Debrecen (Hungary) | Erlangen (Germany) | Madrid (Spain) | Boston (US)

Define impact-driven research project opportunities optimized for translation. Prepare yourself to execute them successfully. Expand your global network of leaders in biomedical innovation. Become the new generation of translational research innovators

A Method That Accelerates Impact

Nucleate original need-driven research and venture opportunities without the constraints of a single lab or organization.

Process driven by you. What you and your team develop during the program is just the beginning. Past teams have launched start-ups, established new lines of research, and embarked on new career trajectories.

Mentored by cross-disciplinary experts from academic research, clinical care and industry. Collaboration across medicine, technology, and business.

Selected projects progress to explore research development after the program, scaling and commercialization opportunities in collaboration with Catalyst Europe partners.


The program is simultaneously run in three European hubs: Debrecen, Erlangen, and Madrid.

Fellows work in their selected hub where they attend weekly sessions/workshops. All Fellows come together in the same location for a 3-week Clinical Immersion in Madrid, and for 1-week Intensifications – one in Erlangen, one in Debrecen, and two in Boston. 


PhDs, postdocs, researchers in companies or academia (science or engineering-focused) and clinicians based in Europe who want to focus their careers on mission impact innovation and translational research.


Experts from academic, clinical and business background who mentor, train and support Fellows during the program.

Catalyst Community

Corporate Champion

Industry leader that provides knowledge about the domain for innovation - the focus areas that Fellows will be working on - and mentors the process to maximize tech transfer potential.